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Vancouver’s Destination Dispensary


We love serving our diehard local customers. 

But we also take great joy in welcoming travellers and visitors from all over the globe to our spot and helping them experience all our hood has to offer. 

We are so proud to represent our city and bless up its visitors. 

Not to brag but you’ll definitely want to stop in at THC and our sister store Dank Mart as your first stop once you get here. 

As everyone knows, we’ve been bringing the fire for years. 

But this post isn’t just to blast our own trumpet but to give guests to Van a guide to know what to see and do after you dropped by the shop. 

Before we get started we should drop some local wisdom on you. 

Image Chad Lindstrom – Vancouver Rain ‘rock’

The West Coast may be the best coast but it’s also the wettest coast. When planning on where to experience our fine products, taking into account of the weather is key. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great day under a grey sky, just that planning and flex will be your homies on this. 

No matter the season we have you covered with these dank destinations to explore on your next trip to our hood.

And now a word on public consumption…

Vancouver has a well-justified reputation for leading the way in the normalization and legalization of cannabis. 

But don’t get it twisted, the rules and regs here for smoking in public are a bit strict fam. 

Of course, we won’t tell you where you should enjoy your fiery treats but we want to provide you with the information for you to make your own decision. 

For each destination, we’ll make a recommendation for the best place to fire up that vape or joint but we warn you there aren’t that many places where it’s officially sanctioned so we ask you to use your common sense. 

Dank Mart

Before you hit the streets to enjoy your dankest purchases, don’t forget to get your snack on!

Right next to the shop you’ll find “The Dankest Bodega In The World”. 

We got your Fruity Pebbles, we got your Frankenstein Berry, sit down son we got your DunkAroos. 

Wash it down with some Flaming Hot Mountain Dew! 

Quite simply, a stoner’s paradise that’s all about combining eye-popping flavours with hard-to-get exotic treats and cereals. 


Good for: Nature, Outdoor Play, Gardens, Pubs and Coffee Shops

Weather Recommendations: Good for sunny and overcast weather 

A short drive from the shop you’ll find the University of British Columbia, the campus and the University Endowment Lands. 

If outdoor adventures pair with your dankest days, look no further. 

Everything you need for a green and elevated Vancouver day.

Smoke Spots(s): 

Pacific Spirit Park

If you’re looking to get into Nature with your weed, check out Pacific Spirit Park. From forests to beaches, it’s destinations like this that give Vancouver its reputation as a natural wonderland. 

Wreck Beach

For the free spirits and the uninhibited, this clothing-optional beach is part of Pacific Spirit Park, just next to UBC. 

It’s also one of the best places to catch a glorious sunset. 

Greenheart Tree Walk

If you want a truly elevating experience head to Greenheart TreeWalk. This is a tree-to-tree, exotic vegetation playground. 

Not for those who fear heights though, the bridges between trees can reach as high as 22 metres (75 feet) off the ground! 

Nitobe Memorial Garden

If you’re into tea ceremonies and Japanese walking gardens you’ll want to schedule time here your next visit to Vancouver. 

This an “all-weather” destination with cherry blossoms in spring, irises in summer and maple leaves popping in reds and yellow come fall. 

The history, the meditative walking trails, sounds like a cool place to experience enhanced doesn’t it? 


After a busy day of outdoor shenanigans, you’ll want to get some eats. This place is a craft beer lover’s delight.

Pub food and 120 craft beers in stock, yes, please! 

No word yet if they carry Dank Beer but that’s another story for another day (Do they?) 

Koerner’s Pub

If you’re looking for a more student-friendly location to grab food, check out this laid-back bar and restaurant. 

However be warned, “No one goes home until they have killed the night”. 

Kitsilano Beach

Good for:

Chilled-out vibes with postcard views. 

Weather Recommendations:

Best enjoyed on sunny days

Smoke Spot(s): 

Kits to everyone who knows, this waterfront neighbourhood is off the chain. 

Beach life, stunning views, and a total vibe. 

From May to September the salt-water pool is great for those unwilling to brave the chilly waters. 

What else do you need for an uplifting day at the beach? 

If the weather’s fine then skip the line, grab your snacks from Dank Mark and head to the beach. 

If you need more than snacks to satisfy, stop by The Naam, one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver. Don’t miss the miso gravy. 

Granville Island

Good for:

Eating, shopping, art stuff, eating, sea wall walks, eating 

Weather Recommendations:

All-weather, all seasons 

If it’s raining or if indoor activities are more your thing scoot over to Granville Island, a legendary street and neighbourhood within striking distance of the shop.

Smoke Spots:

High Score 

Not far from Granville Island you’ll find a cool retro arcade, and cannabis-friendly, lounge called High Score. 

From Mario Brothers Monday to tasty treats, if 90s video game culture is your vibe then this place will not disappoint. 

Granville Island Tea Company 

If zen tea shop vibes are more your style, hit up this treasure trove of 200 types of teas. 

Vari-teas if you will

Uncle Iroh would be proud to know you. 

Petit Ami – direct trade

For the lovers of the bean, come through to Petit Ami, a direct trade coffee shop. 

For those who want their coffee ethically harvested, produced and prepared. 

What goes better with weed than coffee? 

We’ll wait. 

Indigenous Art 

Once you’ve caffeinated and medicated yourself it’s time to travel through the dimensions of artistic expression. 

While there are a number of galleries featuring Indigenous artists and craftspeople, we recommend you visit Wickannish Gallery, Indigenous and women-owned. 

Watching Art Live

What’s better than watching talented artists at work?

From sandblasting art to jewellers and silversmiths to classic printmakers, spend an hour just wandering around and seeing what these artists are up to.

South False Creek Sea Wall 

Part of the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path, the Sea Wall is a must-see destination any time of the year. 

The views and the water traffic are mesmerizing, especially after a puff or three. 

Pizza Pzazz 

After all these adventures, you’re bound to be feeling the munchies right?

While there are plenty of great food recos we could throw at you we figured pizza would be a good place to start. 

With over 25 years of pies slung, this place has legendary status. 

For a complete list of what to eat at Granville Island check out this guide

GI Gelato & Coffee House

Don’t forget the sweet tooths! 

For a taste of the sweet before you call it a day, try the 18 flavours of homemade gelato and sorbetto. 

Open late. 



Roller coasters, eating, carnival games, concerts 

Weather Recommendations:

Late summer days and nights 

Smoke Spots:

As of writing the PNE doesn’t permit any smoking or recreational consumption on the grounds, however, they do make exceptions for medical use of edibles, oils, etc. 

You’ll want to hit that joint or spliff before you head in. 

Bringing you summer fun, entertainment and, most importantly, off-the-chain eats to satisfy those munchies! 

Sizzling summer action opens June 18 and goes to Labour Day Monday. 

But to get the most out of the Ex hit The Fair in the last two weeks of August to Labour Day Monday. 

If roller coasters, carnival games and fried treats are your jam you’ll want to plan your visit around your time at this destination. 

Music and tings 

The concert lineup is definitely in the retro category. But who doesn’t love singing along to their parent’s (grandparents?) favourite hits? 

But seriously don’t sleep on TLC & Shaggy, psychedelic rock legend Steve Miller Band or Cake as potential fun nights for the enhanced partygoer!

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful places in Vancouver. It’s great for views, nature, and smoking while on a walk or a bike ride. You can also enjoy views of the North Shore from Stanley Park. Stanley Park is also home to some of Vancouver’s best restaurants and cafes. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Stanley Park is the perfect place for you.


Yaletown is one of the most popular areas in Vancouver, and it’s easy to see why. The restaurants here offer a wide variety of cuisines, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

Whether you’re in the mood for Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or Italian food, you’ll be able to find it here. Yaletown is also home to some of Vancouver’s best shopping, so you can pick up a few souvenirs while you’re here. And if you’re looking for a place to relax, David Lam Park is the perfect spot.

With its gorgeous waterfront views and lush gardens, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon. So whether you’re looking for good food or a place to unwind, Yaletown has you covered.

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THC Canada was nominated for ADCANN Retail Brand of the Year!
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