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How to Judge the Quality of Cannabis


There are four main factors to consider when assessing the quality of your bud.

We prepared a quick guide for you to judge if your cannabis is dank or not.

This is the method that we utilize at THC when testing out new strains to determine if we should order more or put them on sale.

Here’s what you should consider:

#1: Bag Appeal

How do the buds look?

Bag appeal encompasses everything from size and number of nugs to bud structure, colour, visual trichomes and trim job.

Dank cannabis should be fresh, sticky, covered in shiny trichomes and trimmed neatly. Bud structure and colour will vary based on genetic lineage and environmental conditions. Typically, Indica-dominant strains will have a darker, purple colouration and tight, dense buds while sativa cultivars are frequently lighter in colour and more airy and scraggly in structure.

#2: Terps

How do the buds smell?

Each cannabis strain has a unique smell and flavour. This is due to the presence of terpenes.

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds of cannabis that contribute to the taste and felt effects.

Dank weed will have a pungent aroma that fills up the room when a jar is cracked. Cannabis that has been properly grown, finished, cured and packaged/stored will produce a strong scent and taste. You shouldn’t have to go searching for the aroma, when you open the bag or jar – it should hit you in the face.

When it comes to cannabis, your nose knows. Just like in food and drink, taste is subjective. Everybody will prefer different terpene profiles for their flavours and felt effects. Your bud should smell and taste good to you, personally.

At THC, our favourite cannabis scents are pungent, diesel fuel gassy, sweet and lavender. These smells are typically associated with relaxing and sedative Indica-dominant strains and kush varieties. Spicy, piney and fruity flavours are frequently found in more uplifting Sativa-dominant cultivars.

#3: Smoke

How does it smoke (or vape)?

Quality cannabis smoke and vapour should be both smooth and flavourful. Many believe that white ash indicates that the bud you are smoking is clean and has been flushed and cured properly. A wet ring of oil around the cherry of your joint, known as a resin ring, indicates that the bud you are burning is highly resinous and potent. Weed that has been grown and finished properly should burn evenly and effortlessly in a joint or blunt, without having to be re-lit.

#4: Effect

How does it feel?

What subjective effects do you experience after consuming a strain? How long do the effects take to kick in? How long do they last? Do you feel the “high” in your body or your mind, or both? Does it induce or suppress hunger? Does it make you feel tired and relaxed or alert and energetic? These are all relevant questions to ask yourself while assessing cannabis quality. We suggest writing down how you feel after consuming so you can remember which strains are ideal for your personal needs.

It is important to remember that everyone experiences cannabis differently. The felt effects of a particular strain can even vary based on the time of day you smoked it, what you ate that day, how you’re feeling mentally and physically, etc.

We hope this guide is helpful. Hit us up on social media to let us know what you think of your latest cannabis purchase! And browse our menu for an extensive line-up of dank.

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