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The Legal Cannabis Market in Canada is Improving


When we first re-opened under the new recreational guidelines in February of 2020, we weren’t very excited. The product selection was slim, the weed was old, dry and each producer offered the same 4 strains. We had one or two edibles, one vape pen and only a few strains when we first opened. We had to fill out shelf space with informational displays, bongs and other smoking accessories.

Now, our shelves are stocked full of all sorts of cannabis products including beverages, edibles, topicals, solventless and solvent-based dabbable concentrates. We have a line-up of over 50 different strains from over 30 different producers. A new genetic or product innovation drops in-store almost every single week.

More Product Types and Dank Genetics

When cannabis was legalized for recreational use in October of 2018, only dried flower, oils and capsules were permitted. A year later in 2019, an amendment was made to allow for the sale of edibles, beverages, concentrates and vape pens. It took a few months to mature, but now producers are finally releasing consistent and high quality products in each category.

We currently carry over 20 types of edibles and over 10 different beverages. Gummies are available in every flavour from strawberry to pomegranate to Japanese citrus yuzu. Our shelves are lined with delicious chocolates such as hand-painted spheres and truffles made by experienced chocolatiers. There are infused sparkling tonics, sodas, ginger ales, beer-like beverages and colas.

Cannabis concentrates in the legal market have also improved. Dabbable extracts in every consistency including shatter, live resin, rosin, diamonds, caviar and distillate are now available. San Rafael 71’s OG Chemdawg Live Resin, CannaFarm’s B.C. Live Rosin, and Premium 5ive and Lab Theory’s line of Live Resin-based concentrates are some of the dankest options in our shop. Vaporizer pens filled with distillate and live resin-based formulas are available for a convenient on-the-go experience.

Lab-Testing and Emulsification

Although these edibles are still limited to 10mg of THC per package, there are some benefits to buying ingestible products from the legal market. They are lab-tested, meaning that the THC content on the label is actually accurate and verified and the product is safe for consumption with no harmful additives or unwanted substances. Most of these products are also infused with emulsified THC, leading to a more potent and fast-acting experience than edibles and beverages offered on the grey market.

Purchasing cannabis derivatives such as concentrates, edibles, beverages, capsules, oils and vape pens from the legal market is a great way to ensure that the products you are consuming are safe, accurate and lab-tested.

The Rise of Micro-Producers

Smaller batch craft growers, also known as micro-producers, are entering the market at a rapid pace. Many of these micros were formerly operating in the grey market and have now transitioned over. We are happy to see these talented and dedicated individuals who risked their freedom to promote legalization enter the regulated industry. They bring with them exciting genetics and vast knowledge of growing and extraction practices.

Some of the best micro-producers that have recently entered the legal market include Dunn Cannabis, Gnomestar, Habitat (Cake & Caviar) and BIG. Some of the bigger Licensed Producers have also launched programs to help bring micro-producer’s products to market using their established distribution networks. These programs include the 7ACRES Craft Collective and the Indiva Artisan Batch. The Shelter Craft Collective was the first to launch this for medicinal consumers.

Grey Market Retail Store Operators

Retail stores from the grey and medical market including us, THC, are slowly becoming licensed and re-opening across the country. Our staff have worked in the cannabis industry since its inception in Canada. We have an immense amount of knowledge about the plant and love to share that information with our customers. Legacy market stores bring knowledge, passion and authenticity to the legal industry.

The Future of Legal Cannabis in Canada

The Canadian cannabis market will continue to progress and grow into the foreseeable future. New product formats and exciting genetics (like those seen in America) will continue to be introduced. We hope that more former grey market producers and retail stores find ways to transition to the regulated market. Lab-testing will likely advance and become even more reliable and trustworthy. THC will be at the forefront of the evolution of the cannabis market in Canada as we bring you the dankest products available across the country.

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